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What is the DXrobot?

latest 100 DX spots on 6 metres
latest 100 DX spots on 4 metres
latest 100 DX spots on 2 metres

This can be especially usuful for people who can send/receive email, but have not WWW access (e.g. at QRL). Also for mobile users the DXrobot can be useful, as the information is very compact (flat ASCII text) compared to what most web sites offer (HTML, images, etc.).

Click here to see a typical email sent by the DXrobot.

When does the DXrobot send this email?

Do I  need to write anything in the email, or in the 'subject'?

I hate getting emails all the time. Will the DXrobot keep sending me emails all the time?

How often can I request DX information from the DXrobot?

I hate spam. What happens with my email address?

From where does the DXrobot retrieve the DX spots?

I send emails to dxrobot@gooddx.net, but I never get a reply. What's wrong?

  1. Your email address is incorrect. Check the settings of your email program.
  2. Your "Reply-To" address is incorrect. Check the settings of your email program. The "Reply-To" field should only be filled in when it is different from your normal email address.
  3. There is a problem with your mail server. Try to send an email to yourself. If this also doesn't work, then there is perhaps a problem with your mail server. Contact your ISP or network administrator for help.
  4. Your email was rejected by the DXrobot. This can happen when your mailserver is on one of the blacklists run by RBL, RSS or ORBS because it is a known relay for spam emails. See http://www.mail-abuse.org/rss/enduser or http://www.orbs.org/blocked for more details. If your mailserver is blacklisted, please contact your ISP. Please note that if this is the case, the DXrobot cannot solve this problem, only your ISP can.
  5. The DXrobot has taken a day off.

It takes very long before I receive a reply from the DXrobot. Why?