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Aurora Warnings for middle latitudes

How does it work?

The DXrobot is now running for more than two years, and so far the VHF AURORA warning system has been working quite well. The detection mechanism is sensitive enough to detect even short Aurora openings, and yet not too sensitive so as to avoid any 'false alarms'.

For some people, especially those who are located at middle latitudes, the system may be just too sensitive. Aurora openings are usually first reported by high latitude stations, for example from OH, LA or VE. From that moment it sometimes takes a considerable period of time until the opening has reached middle latitudes, for example DL, G, SP, PA or K, and in many cases (short or less intensive openings), this does not even happen at all.

The aurora warning system of the DXrobot has recently been enhanced, by discriminating high and middle latitude DX-spots. Countries below approx. 58 degrees North are considered to be at middle latitude. An extra alertlist (midlat-aurora) has been set up for this purpose. The existing alertlist (aurora) remains unchanged.

If you are located at middle latitude, and you would like to be alerted ONLY once the aurora has reached middle latitudes, then you may want to subscribe to midlat-aurora instead of aurora. Of course it is also possible to subscribe to both lists.

Please try it out and click here to view or modify your subscription status.