Home of the DXrobot - Gouda - The Netherlands

some demystifying photos

Your web- and robot master, Allard PE1NWL:

Below: The attick where the DXrobot lives. As you can see a real experimenter's place. OK, perhaps not so nice and shiny as you might expect, but hey, it works! So don't complain about the mess, my wife already does that for you. However, I can assure you that the shack is vacumed at least once a year (usually at the beginning of the Es season). The main purpose is to prevent dust clothing in the DXrobot fans.
The DXrobot sits in the box on the floor, on the right side against the wall. The black box on top of it is the DSL router for the internet connection. Impressive, huh?

My home on fire in February 2002, due to a short-circuit at my neighbour's. At the very moment that this photo was taken, the DXrobot was still running. About an hour later it was shut down by a firefighter wearing a heat-resistant suit and an oxygen mask.
Fortunately there were no casulties. We had to move to another house for 3 months, while our house was being refurbished completely.
After we returned to our house I immediately installed smoke detectors in every room. If this fire would have happened at night, then we would probably not have survived it. I now know by experience how fast fire can spread in a house, and I became quite paranoid.
Also the DXrobot survived the disaster. When I powered it on after 3 months, a barbecue smell was coming from the ventilation holes, but everything still worked OK!